Things You Should Do With Sexy Naked Girl

There are two things that people [ideally] do naked, take showers and have sex. But to list those two on the “top things to do with a naked woman” is to state the obvious. So let us have fun and list the top things to do with a naked woman that you might never have tried before. It can be sexy, it can also be funny. To be fair, both of you should be naked.

Imagine trying to do a lay-up in your birthday suit or imagine her saving a goal with nothing but her “landing strip”. If you have a private area where you could, say, play tennis, volleyball, basketball or soccer go ahead and lose all your inhibitions. It is a great way to bond and it will be in your memories forever. If you don’t have a private area where you can do this, why not play WII naked instead?
Have fun and laugh with your woman, a good healthy play and unstoppable laughing fits often lead to the best sex and of course, lasting memories.

Sleep together naked with the intention of just sleeping. This is a nice little game to play especially when it’s really cold, when it’s snowing or raining. You can fake the weather by turning up the air conditioning really high and cuddling up next to each other under a soft duvet. The warmth of your bodies will feel really intense.

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The Truth About Teen Girls

Once the idea has taken hold, it’s hard to shake off, and the fact that the presidential campaign features a pregnant 17-year-old means that the debate about teenage sexuality is growing only more heated. Girlhood sexiness seems to be everywhere: on TV shows and in movies, in advertising, in teen magazines and all over the Internet. Most disturbingly, it seems to be coming from the girls themselves: the way they dress, the way they text, the way they present themselves on Facebook and, oh, mercy, what they get up to at parties. There are whispers, stories for which the anecdotal evidence–from school counselors and child psychologists and mothers–keeps accumulating like a national pile of unwashed laundry. These suggest teen girls are getting very liberal with sexual favors, especially of the type detailed in the Starr report. In one generation, girls seem to have moved from Easy-Bake to easy virtue.

In the past four months, there have been four weighty books published on the subject, with titles like Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex Is Affecting Our Children and So Sexy So Soon. Most of these treatises have a similar thesis: young girls are sexually loose because they’re aping behavior they see on TV or read about in magazines. And as if on cue, the media deliver a new 90210 with an oral-sex scene in the first episode; Gossip Girl comes back with billboards promoting it as MIND-BLOWINGLY INAPPROPRIATE … and your daughter starts singing that alarmingly suggestive song about licking a lollipop.

Before we reinstitute the chastity belt, though, we might need to take a breath. There are lots of reasons to worry about adolescent girls having sex too early, ranging from serious health risks to the likelihood that they are seeking it for the wrong reasons to the impact it may have on their ability to maintain healthy future relationships. But is it the sex we’re worried about or the sexiness? Is it what they do or how they look? And whose problem is this anyway?